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Last Updated Monday, 25-Jan-2010 17:04:49 EST

WELCOME To Tribble BBQ!:

* Event 3! August 24, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Well the time is here! Event 3 will happen live on Aug 30th or Aug 31st after 130pm EST when activity is at its max in the room. This WILL be a live event and you must be present to compete. As the bot will be the one who determines your fate!

Prize: STO time card, CO Time Card or 30$ steam game or less.

* Event 2 is Complete! KeyrinHawke Wins! July 30, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Our Submissions for Event 2 on the The Game that Must not be Named! KeyrinHawke is our big winner after a close long round! Prize 10$ or less Steam Game!

Diamonds - Twilight Online (A MMO Immersed with Edward characters and unsuspecting willing girls who still fawn over them online in hopes they will be the next "Lady is a Vamp")

Prynce - Barbie and Ken's Playtime MMO (I'm a Barbie Girl....)

Iano - EA's Voldemort Quidditch World Cup 2011 (Abracadabra your way to victory using your Wand and Kinect!)

Zeroth - Squared Second Life (With purchase MT addon, Foxconn Worker Online where you can avoid poisoning, depression, and murderous apple agents keeping their secrets!)

Sonusem - Grand Force Samurai Five: Freedom Ninja of Heaven (What?! Ninjas in my Samurai Game?! Go Rangers go!)

Kulgur - Austin Powers: Fembot Boobie Blaster (Side Scrolling Fembot blaster! Use your boobs to victory!)

Qute - Gunslingers and Ghouls MMO (Red Dead Redemptions latest DLC? ZOMBIES)

\ - Shotgun Nun on the Run (Theme by Mystic: "Nunnys got a gun.... Jesus on the run... what made that poor nun snap... perhaps shes just on crack!")

Rareth - Voldemort MMO (Now you too can be a pure blood and as a slytherin try to destroy Harry Potter and be the #1 Death Eater in PVP!)

KeyrinHawke - FurryBusters The Video Game (Who you gonna call when the furrys are on the run?)

Hythian - Cthulhu Mama (From the Makers of Cooking Mama! PS3 has this new Motion game under wraps!)

Lane - Barney MMO (I love you... You hate me.. lets get together and PK N00bies... With a big shotgun and a Chainsaw rocket launcher too!)

Falkoren - Falk Falk Revolution (DDR Game where you now dance your way with polictical reform speeches and action!)

H - Hello Kitty Chainsaw Massacre Online (http://www.gearfuse.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/hello-kitty-chainsaw.jpg Enough Said!)

Omnifox - Daikatana 2012 (John Romero's about to make you his bitch... Again.)

Scotty - Chia Pet RBI (Grow, groom, and trim your Riker Beard on this casual indy game!) *Can be connected to a webcam to make the appearance that the player is growing a genuine Riker Beard and share with your friends on PSN and XBL!)

The logs of that event!

Jul 30 15:45:14 Mystic|Work> !event2
Jul 30 15:45:16 MysticBot> <> : Iano - EA's Voldemort Quidditch World Cup 2011 and Zeroth - Squared Second Life
Jul 30 15:45:21 Mystic|Work> !event2
Jul 30 15:45:32 MysticBot> <> : Rareth - Voldemort MMO and KeyrinHawke - FurryBusters The Video Game
Jul 30 15:45:44 Mystic|Work> !event2
Jul 30 15:45:47 MysticBot> <> : Omnifox - Daikatana 2012 and Scotty - Chia Pet RBI
Jul 30 15:45:54 Mystic|Work> Ok got the 6
Jul 30 15:54:40 Mystic|Work> !event3
Jul 30 15:54:42 MysticBot> <> : Zeroth - Squared Second Life, Scotty - Chia Pet RBI, and KeyrinHawke - FurryBusters The Video Game
Jul 30 15:54:42 * H initiates drum roll
Jul 30 15:54:56 Zeroth> whoo!
Jul 30 15:55:01 Zeroth> bot loves me
Jul 30 15:55:24 Mystic|Work> Sec for final round after the word from my customers
Jul 30 15:55:27 H> but who will win?
Jul 30 15:55:36 Mystic|Work> Ok im back
Jul 30 15:55:48 Mystic|Work> Now 8 ball will choose who is our final winner
Jul 30 15:55:59 Mystic|Work> !8ball Will Zeroth take home the prize?
Jul 30 15:56:01 MysticBot> <> : No way Mystic|Work!
Jul 30 15:56:04 * H keeps drumrolling
Jul 30 15:56:10 Mystic|Work> !8ball Will Scotty Take home the Prize?
Jul 30 15:56:14 Zeroth> !8ball do you wanrt this bribe?
Jul 30 15:56:19 MysticBot> <> : Fat chance, Mystic|Work
Jul 30 15:56:21 MysticBot> <> : Ask me again later
Jul 30 15:56:30 H> after the contest Zeroth, after
Jul 30 15:56:31 Mystic|Work> !8ball Will KeyrinHawke Take home the prize?
Jul 30 15:56:33 MysticBot> <> : Fat chance, Mystic|Work
Jul 30 15:56:36 Mystic|Work> Goodie
Jul 30 15:56:36 Zeroth> lol
Jul 30 15:56:38 Mystic|Work> We start it over
Jul 30 15:56:50 * Zeroth waits
Jul 30 15:57:10 Mystic|Work> !8ball Will KeyrinHawke be your choice?
Jul 30 15:57:16 MysticBot> <> : No way Mystic|Work!
Jul 30 15:57:22 Mystic|Work> !8ball Will Scotty Be lucky?
Jul 30 15:57:23 * Zeroth cacl;es
Jul 30 15:57:24 MysticBot> <> : You're gonna have a long wait for that
Jul 30 15:57:29 * Zeroth cackles
Jul 30 15:57:32 Mystic|Work> !8ball Is Zeroth your choice?
Jul 30 15:57:34 MysticBot> <> : You're gonna have a long wait for that
Jul 30 15:57:36 Mystic|Work> Wow
Jul 30 15:57:36 Askray> lol
Jul 30 15:57:38 Mystic|Work> again
Jul 30 15:57:40 H> Bot is not happy
Jul 30 15:57:40 Zeroth> lol
Jul 30 15:57:49 Mystic|Work> !8ball Scotty Doo?
Jul 30 15:57:50 MysticBot> <> : Yes!
Jul 30 15:57:58 Zeroth> lmao
Jul 30 15:57:58 H> probably mulling over the chance of Zeroth;s bribe
Jul 30 15:57:59 Mystic|Work> !8ball Key in someones car?
Jul 30 15:58:00 MysticBot> <> : Most likely!
Jul 30 15:58:08 Mystic|Work> !8ball A Giant Zero?
Jul 30 15:58:10 MysticBot> <> : Definitely Mystic|Work...
Jul 30 15:58:13 Mystic|Work> ...
Jul 30 15:58:15 * Askray facepalms
Jul 30 15:58:16 Zeroth> I win!
Jul 30 15:58:17 Askray> LOL!!!
Jul 30 15:58:17 Mystic|Work> all 3 move and we do this again
Jul 30 15:58:18 H> EVERYONE'S A WINNER!
Jul 30 15:58:34 Askray> This is just too damn funny
Jul 30 15:58:50 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you love Zeroth?
Jul 30 15:58:51 MysticBot> <> : Definitely Mystic|Work...
Jul 30 15:58:57 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you love KeyrinHawke ?
Jul 30 15:58:59 MysticBot> <> : Ask me again later
Jul 30 15:59:05 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you love KeyrinHawke
Jul 30 15:59:07 MysticBot> <> : ...maybe ;)
Jul 30 15:59:17 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you really love Scotty?
Jul 30 15:59:19 MysticBot> <> : Yes!
Jul 30 15:59:21 Lane|Work> MysticBot is too partial and riggable. I demand a true nuclear-half-life random number generator!
Jul 30 15:59:24 Mystic|Work> 3x yes again.. sigh
Jul 30 15:59:33 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you want scotty to win?
Jul 30 15:59:35 MysticBot> <> : You're gonna have a long wait for that
Jul 30 15:59:42 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you want Zeroth to win?
Jul 30 15:59:44 MysticBot> <> : Most likely!
Jul 30 15:59:51 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you want KeyrinHawke to win?
Jul 30 15:59:51 MysticBot> <> : Most likely!
Jul 30 15:59:54 Mystic|Work> Ah
Jul 30 15:59:55 Mystic|Work> final 2
Jul 30 16:00:00 * Askray claps
Jul 30 16:00:01 Zeroth> whoo
Jul 30 16:00:13 H> Lane then won't you just end up with 2 universes with one winner and one loser. Who wants that kind of confusion
Jul 30 16:00:14 Mystic|Work> Zeroth vs KeyrinHawke (Does a Who wants to be a Millionare Flash down show)
Jul 30 16:00:14 * Askray pulls out his Go team go sign and waves it around
Jul 30 16:00:22 Zeroth> lol
Jul 30 16:00:24 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you wanna pick on Zeroth?
Jul 30 16:00:26 MysticBot> <> : No!
Jul 30 16:00:32 Mystic|Work> !8ball Do you wanna pick on KeyrinHawke ?
Jul 30 16:00:33 * Zeroth crosses fingers
Jul 30 16:00:34 MysticBot> <> : Definitely Mystic|Work...
Jul 30 16:00:39 Zeroth> DAMN
Jul 30 16:00:41 Mystic|Work> Ah! KeyrinHawke is our winner!
Jul 30 16:00:43 * Askray cheers for KeyrinHawke
Jul 30 16:00:48 * Zeroth murderizes KeyrinHawke

* Event 2! Name the game that must not be named! July 24, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Well Event 2 has started! You have to July 30th to submit in PM in IRC your entry!

The Event: Name the game that must not be named!

A secret game is in the works.. its name must not be named EVER! What is the game? Perhaps its that Barney MMO? Ironman 3? Perhaps something even more crazy! You tell me! =D What kinda whacky, unreal, NO WAI game is coming out that is not to be named!

Also you can give your game a "Project Name" that could be funny, off the wall etc. Added onto your games name.

The game name etc should be a fictional game and not something in real development. (Or anything NDA)

Prize: 10$ or less game via Steam!

* Event 1 Winner! Diamonds! July 23, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Well round 1 is complete! 9 entries was submitted and out of those the bot picked 3 and from those 3 told us our winner!
"H Shurgs"
Capt_Kitty, the cute, cuddly, cajoling, and constantly conniving
"Diamonds is a girls best friend"
TripQue: still not French-Canadian!
Scotty: "I cannot confirm nor deny that I may or may not have broken something
Zeroth: "Hey guys, new food idea... cucumbers and peanut butter!"
Rareth: Damn Kids get off my Lawn!
Rekhan: "We have no plans at this time to do whatever horrible thing you're talking about."
Omnifox|Work> My man brain, can no longer take more of your stupid mouth speak. Your face talking privileges have been ended.

From that the results!
Mystic|Work> Bot will pick 3 entries
Mystic|Work> !event
MysticBot> <> : Rareth: Damn Kids get off my Lawn!
Mystic|Work> !event
MysticBot> <> : "Cryptic_DScotty: "I cannot confirm nor deny that I may or may not have broken something""
Mystic|Work> !event
MysticBot> <> : "Diamonds is a girls best friend"
Mystic|Work> Ok got Rareth, Scotty and Diamonds
Mystic|Work> Next phase, 8ball time
Mystic|Work> Sec gotta figure out with 8ball the yes/nos
Mystic|Work> Ok got 4 responses that are considered Yes
Mystic|Work> 5 that are no
Mystic|Work> and 1 remaning which is a redo
Mystic|Work> !8ball Does Rareth Move on to next part?
MysticBot> <> : Im not sure...
Mystic|Work> (No)
Mystic|Work> !8ball Does Scotty move to next part?
MysticBot> <> : No!
Mystic|Work> !8ball Does diamonds win by default?
MysticBot> <> : Definitely Mystic|Work...

There you have it, Round 2 starts Saturday!

Edit: The Aftermath: Bot seems to LOVE Diamonds.
Cryptic_Diamonds> I've actually never played any of the Monkey Island games
KeyrinHawke> !8ball is Cryptic_Diamonds insane?
MysticBot> <> : No way KeyrinHawke!
KeyrinHawke> 8ball's lying again!
Cryptic_Diamonds> :)
Cryptic_Diamonds> I get that from my friends
Cryptic_Diamonds> when I tell them i've never played Monkey Island
Cryptic_Diamonds> proof that I am not insane! 8ball says so
KeyrinHawke> !8ball is it proof that Cryptic Diamonds is not insane if you say so?
MysticBot> <> : Yes!
Sonusem> Yeah, it definitely knows what it's doing.
KeyrinHawke> !8ball what about Cryptic_Diamonds?
MysticBot> <> : Most likely!
KeyrinHawke> BLAST
KeyrinHawke> !8ball do you love Cryptic_Diamonds?
MysticBot> <> : Definitely KeyrinHawke...

Grats again! Great to see someone finally get to play the game! =D

* 1st of 3 TBBQ Event! July 20, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Well Shandok and I are funding 3 events for TBBQers in IRC. These events are fun, and well you get something FREE!!!! WOOT! \o/
So the events:

Event 1: July 17 ~ 23:
Design a Catch phrase fitting of your nickname in IRC. (A Trademark for yourself) Submit them to Mysticales (Mystic|Work |Afk)
Example: "I put on my robe and my wizard hat" is a phrase we ALL recognize to be BloodNinja. So design one that says who you are or who we all know you to be!
Prize: Monkey Isle 1 (The new Remake Via Steam)
3 Entries will be picked and the bot will decide who is the final winner via 8ball. =)

Event 2: July 24 ~ 30: TBA (Submission based)
Prize: 10$ or less Game on Steam

Event 3: July 31 ~ Aug 6th:
Bot decides your fate in this LIVE event! You will !8ball your way to glory! Beg, Plead, pray with both, ask it to move you to next round, if it says Yes, you move on, if not, your out, till only one remains!
Prize: STO Time Card or APB Coins! (In the event the winner does not have either.. a substitute will be offered)

* Our 1st Funny submission! March 2, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Xp194 has submitted TBBQ's 1st "Funnies" screenshot.
Tribble Trouble!

Do you have a 1 panel comic or screenshot thats funny or interesting. Send it in. =D

* Bank energy credits February 16, 2010 Posted by Hardak

Due to massive withdrawals from people who will remain nameless the current "tab" fund has been moved to the character zero@hardak. This is a character I am not playing and had originally donated all the energy cred's on towards tabs anyway. any energy credits you with to donate towards new/more bank tabs simply get ahold of @hardak or hardak on irc to make arrangements or drop them in the fleet account but be warned they may or may not get picked up out of the fleet acount in time.

* Pimp My Bridge Winners! February 11, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Well the results were in and Clemming and Hutch had the spirit of the event down! They both were awarded Del Taco Shuttles! Congrats!
Clemmings Festive
Hutch's Hot tub and poster girl.

Stay tuned to new events in the works. =)

* Fleet banker & bank. February 4, 2010 Posted by Hardak

For thous of you who don't know I (Hardak "the pink") Have taken on the roll of cleaning out the fleet bank on a semi regular basis and generally trying to keep it in some kind of order. Biggest things that can be done to help with this are as follows...

1 Cash/Energy. The sooner we can expand pages the easier it will be to sort things out hold stuff longer simply because it looks interesting.

2 Keep white items that can be vender bought out of the bank.

3 when placing consoles in the bank keep in mind which skills it is, and the level of the item. Sense weapons are less complex of a skill tree segment I'll use then for an example. +5 to say beam weapons will effect any beam weapon. where the same +5 to phasers will effect only phaser weapons. Also from my testing in bata the more "Basic" a skill is the bigger gain it has on sub skills/systems. I tested this using a Science officers Scan and varus mods to sensors. so in short the farther to the left a skill is on the skill tree the more basic of as skill it is and effects more abuilitys... or at least that is how it seems currently.

Other then that, if you get an item that looks good but you won't use it or don't want it. (cannons seem to be the most common find like this) then drop it in the bank. Feel free to pull any item from the bank you want for your self. While we are currently working with one page in the bank I'll do my best to eye it over once a day and juggle repeat items into the charicter Zeros inventory. And deal with selling the items that I know/feel are of no use or something that can be found from a vender. That being said keep one rule in mind above all else, simply have fun. And I'll see everybody in STO & on IRC.

Hardak "the pink"

* Tribble Breeding FAQ February 2, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Hey all, I need your help, since well.. We are "Tribble" BBQ I figured it would be a good idea for me to focus on a FAQ for Tribbles. Funny stuff, Real info and then of course, lets now add Tribble Breeding!

So if you have any info about feeding, breeding tips, how to make special ones. Send a email at tribblebbq@darkmystics.com thanks!

* Pimp My Bridge Extended. February 1, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

To those who haven't sent me a email yet with your bridge pictures. Get on it! Extended a couple days to allow for the headstart people to contribute.
So get on those pictures people!

* Pimp my Bridge event ends Sunday! January 27, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Those who still need some time, The deadline is sunday to send me something before I see what we can give out to those who did submit. =)

After the event, still feel free to send things in as I will be adding a "Tribble BBQ Funnies" section to the site for fun screenshots or 1 panel comics, etc. =)

* Head Start and Retail Start TBBQ News January 27, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Ahhh the headstart is starting Friday! So just to give everyone the heads up. On friday I will be on ASAP to get a team together to "recreate" the Tribble BBQ fleet and the TribbleBBQ chatroom within the game. So once that is in place, I will get everyone invited back in as soon as we can. =)

Fleet = Those who want to band together from the room and have fun together.

Channel = Cross faction or if you have other fleets you enjoy being with, this way we can stay in touch still. =)

* Ventrillo! Didja Know? January 25, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Did you know we have a dedicated Ventrillo server? Type !vent in the IRC room to find out details on it. =) This should help us for the retail launch to band up and play easier.

* Pimp My Bridge event! January 25, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Thats right! A fun fun fun event for Tribble BBQ! The idea is this. Take a screenshot of your Starships Bridge. Photo edit it to add item(s) or a theme of something you would like on your bridge. (Vanity items or a idea for a creative bridge layout) Or just make one with something fun on it for us to laugh at. =)

The purpose of this event is for a good laugh and afterwords I will be sending this to Cryptic Devs to pass around, maybe use it for the STO website (If they are doing any community pages) or just for their devs to share the laugh and possibly draw ideas from our submissions. =)

So if you can make a quick one. Doesnt need to be much, just enough to show community support for STO and a good laugh, send your results to tribblebbq@darkmystics.com

Current Entries: http://www.tribblebbq.com/event/

* Welcome to Tribble BBQ! January 25, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Ahh 1st post on the new site. Site is a work in progress and how it looks now will be changing as time goes on. 1st things 1st and thats getting content up with some basics before making it look "purdy" So if you have a suggestion, tell me in IRC. =)

This website is © 2010 TribbleBBQ. Powered by Darkmystics.com If you have any problems write to: Mysticales@DarkMystics.com.

My current Xfire Data: Feel free to add me or check the profile!